Aggressive Evangelism: Dearborn Arab Festival turns Confrontational

After two years of protests, arrests and lost legal cases for the city, this year’s Dearborn Arab International Festival featured several groups of Christian missionaries seeking to protest against Islam and encourage Muslims to convert to Christianity.

In addition to the now-infamous Quran-burning Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who held a rally at city hall and briefly attempted to hold one at the festival site itself, there were several other Christian groups there as well. Acts 17 Apologetics, the group that had several members arrested (and acquitted) last year for disorderly conduct, returned this year. Famous evangelist Josh McDowell was also there, as was a group led by George Saieg, who filed a successful lawsuit last year to be allowed to hand out literature throughout the festival site.

Perhaps emboldened by winning several lawsuits that guaranteed their right to proselytize at the festival, attended primarily by Muslims, the Christian groups seemed more confrontational and aggressive this year. In addition to targeting Muslims, some of them even held signs calling Catholics “idolators” and saying that all Catholics go to hell. Others carried huge vertical signs calling Muhammad a “pervert” and telling people to “study and obey the Bible.” reports that six people were arrested after a mob led by the anarchist group By Any Means Necessary rushed Jones as he tried to walk from city hall to the festival site. As a result, Jones canceled his appearance at the festival site itself. Patch also reports the arrest of several counter-protestors who threw bottles and other objects at another group of missionaries.

There are many privately shot videos available on Youtube showing events. This is one of a mob of counter-protestors rushing Jones and his followers as they walked to the festival site:

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  • Interesting article but I don't know that "anarchist" is the correct term for BAMN. They are far left, but they want to impose a system of affirmative action rather than rid the world of hierarchies as an anarchist would.

    I know anarchist has come to mean any activist who may use more confrontational tactics in some media circles, but that's lazy. Let's say what we mean.

    Now go read some Emma Goldman.

    On the other hand, BAMN does not contribute much to civil discourse. They spend too much time shouting to listen. They are the bane of Detroit's town hall meetings. Ginned up like Christians with the idea that they're members of the oppressed voiceless minority, they stack the line with speakers who ignore anything that was actually said during the speech and spout talking points. Bobb and Bing know what I'm talking about.

Thomas Allen 1 hour ago

  • This country guarantees the right to freedom of religion. Why do 'christians' choose to ignore this constitutional privilege by trying to force feed Jesus to non-christians. It's this bigoted, self-righteous "We're right and you're wrong" attitude about faith that makes me happy to be an atheist.

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