Corrupt Church Officials Hide Behind Anti Conversion Fights

Corrupt Church Officials Hide Behind Anti Conversion Attacks

Despite resistance from Hindu groups the Church has not deviated from the core agenda of Christianising India.
Foreign grants to the Church have enormously increased over the last decade and the Church has used this fund to set-up new Churches, schools and convents in various Indian states. To influence media, they have established separate media wings in their diocese. The Church intends to use this platform to highlight the issue of conflict between the Church and Hindu organisations at the national and international level in order to help them. Their tussle with the anti-conversion organizations has increased in Karnataka, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra.
The race for the conversion by the Christian organizations respectively was responsible for large scale violence in Kandhamal in Odisha. A large number of people lost their lives in this communal riot. More than 10,000 people have been left homeless in the violence hit district in Odisha.
The clash between Hindu and Christian organizations has become a cozy situation for the Church. Whenever an issue of administrative corruption in the convent school comes into the light the Church immediately terms it as an attack on Christianity.
Media becomes tool in the hands of the Church in this process. The Church claims to fight for those children of minority Christians who have no place in their convent schools. The presence of specially Dalit and Tribal Christians in the Church run educational institutions and hospitals is negligible. The Church leadership runs the educational and hospitals with a profit motive where the poor Christians do not have any place.
The Government and Christians are dancing on the tune of a handful of priests who have vested interests. They are sitting on the huge assets of the Church in the name of conversion and they have created a war-like situation in many parts of the country. Christians have started understanding their real game. Voices for rights are starting to come out from within the Church.
In Mangalore minority Christian community children have no place in the educational institutions being run by the Church. A little over one percent of the clergy takes decisions on all matters pertaining to the Church and 98.7 percent laity has no role in policy related decisions.
The Church administration is involved in property transactions on bigger scale. In Mangalore alone, Church has sold property worth of two billion rupees and where this money has gone nobody knows. There are seven thousand Churches in the country where 25 lakhs rupees are collected every year. Why does not the church spend this amount on the welfare of poor Christians asks the Poor Christian Liberation Movement?
The Church targets Dalits and Tribals for conversion. They run after them till they are converted. Once they are converted into Christianity, then the Church never bothers about their welfare. The social and financial condition of these Dalit and Tribal Christians remains the same even after the conversion.
Source: Extracted from Winds of Change in the Christian Society
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