Foreign Funds Incite Social Tension-Justice Somashekara Commission Report

Foreign Funds Incite Social TensionJustice Somashekara Commission Report

The report confirmed that some of these Christian missionary organisations are indeed getting funds from foreign countries and misuse it for mass conversion of innocent and helpless members of society belonging to weaker section. In its 656-page report submitted to Karnataka chief minister B. S. Yeddyurappa recently, the report also stated that the proposal of many Hindu religious people for enacting a suitable legislation to prevent practices detrimental to the interests of Hindu religion is totally justified.

The Justice H.K. Somashekara Commission of Enquiry that probed the incidents of attack on a few churches in various parts of Karnataka state in early 2008 has come out with some alarming revelations including the silent mass conversion undertaken by some Christian missionary organisations in the state.

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