Internal Security Department Questions Pastor on Jokes about Buddhism

Internal Security Department Questions Pastor on Jokes about Buddhism

Pastor Rony Tan of mega church Lighthouse Evangelism in Singapore was recently called up by the Internal Security Dept for having made insensitive comments about Buddhism and Taoism. He was interviewing 2 ex-Buddhists during his services. These testimony cum interviews were recorded and placed on his website. Buddhists who saw the videos & the laughs (they are all on YouTube now) were very upset by it and reported him to the authorities.

Being called up by the ISD is very serious. It’s like being hauled in by the FBI/Secret Service and being interrogated for hours. He has since apologised in person to the respective leaders of Buddhism and Taoism in Singapore, removed the videos from his site, told his congregation not to circulate those videos, apologised and apologised again, and basically done everything in his power to salvage the situation.

But the Buddhists and the Taoists here are not letting him go. They’ve called for his arrest. Countless blogs and articles have been written against him. Just Google “Pastor Rony Tan” and you’ll see an endless list of hate sites/blogs. The whole thing is worst than a famous US pastor being caught in adultery.

There is a general ‘dislike’ for Christians now in Singapore. They see us as being too aggressive when it comes to evangelising. And I’m sure many pastors in Singapore now have to be very careful of how and what they preach. Just preaching that Buddhist and Taoist idols are false gods may land you in trouble. People are watching what you preach and they’ll report you to the police if they feel offended. Even my church has received a complaint/threat (police report) against our Chinese pastor for having said something about Buddhism. Worse of all, this person who wrote in is a Christian!

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