Non-believing Churchgoer is Winner of Templeton Prize

Non Believing Churchgoer is Winner of Templeton Prize

Lord Rees, a former president of the royal Society, who has been described as “a churchgoer who does not believe in God”, was awarded the £1-million Templeton Prize this week. The prize, which, the John Templeton Foundation (JTF) said in a statement, “honours a living person who has made exceptional contrib­utions to affirming life’s spiritual foundation”, was an­nounced at a news conference at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, in London, on Wednesday.

The president and chairman of the JTF, Dr John M. Templeton, said: “The questions Lord Rees raises have an impact far beyond the simple assertion of facts, opening wider vistas than any telescope ever could.

“By peering into the farthest reaches of the galaxies, Martin Rees has opened a window on our very hu­manity, inviting everyone to wrestle with the most fundamental questions of our nature and exist­ence.”

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