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Corrupt Church Officials Hide Behind Anti Conversion Fights

Corrupt Church Officials Hide Behind Anti Conversion Attacks Despite resistance from Hindu groups the Church has not deviated from the core agenda of Christianising India. Foreign grants to the Church have enormously increased over the last decade and the Church … Continue reading

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Dirty Secrets of Christian Evangelism

by Austin Cline Both Catholics and Protestants spend a lot of money on missionary programs in the “Unreached Bloc,” a largely non-Christian region stretching from Africa to East Asia, with India being a primary target. The tactics can be very … Continue reading

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Their Other “Dirty” Linen: Evangelism’s Quest to Conquer the World

Each year Americans contribute millions of dollars through corporate-giving campaigns and Sunday tithes to support the “faith-based” humanitarian work of overseas Christian missions. This work–feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving medicine to the sick–seems a worthy cause, an outwardly … Continue reading

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