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Replace Bigotry and Confrontation with Dialogue

Events surrounding the recent Arab-American Festival in Dearborn highlight the continued need for community leaders and members to proactively challenge bigotry through dialogue instead of angry confrontation. From Terry Jones' cohorts at Dearborn City Hall referring to counterprotestors as "scum" … Continue reading

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Christian Right Reacts to Legalising of Gay Marriage

As New York where gay marriage became legal and despite religious protection exemptions in the bill, there have been angry reactions from the Christian right. The National Organization For Marriage, which has millions of dollars at its disposal and is … Continue reading

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Bill to Beef up Religious Freedom in U.S. Foreign Policy gets Warm Reception

By Michelle Boorstein Might the United States be reconsidering its hands-off approach to religion in foreign policy? That’s the hope of many religious freedom advocates, who are seeing a measure meant to beef up U.S. behavior get a friendly reception … Continue reading

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Evangelist Sworn in as New Ambassador for Religious Freedom

By Jamie Crawford, CNN National Security Producer Washington (CNN)– Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hailed a "leader in bridging faith and public service" Thursday as she swore in Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook as ambassador at-large for international religious freedom. In … Continue reading

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Islamists Project Islam’s Worst Traits onto Christians

by Raymond Ibrahim In recent weeks, we saw how the Muslim world’s obsession with gaining converts evinces, in the words of one Muslim intellectual, an “inferiority complex“—a deadly one at that. As it happens, inferiority complex is not the only … Continue reading

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The Global Jihad Marches: March of the Mosques in America

The first mosque in America was built by Albanian Muslims in 1915 in Maine. By 1919, they had established another mosque in Connecticut. Polish-speaking Tatars built a mosque in Brooklyn in 1926, which is still in use. African American Muslims established … Continue reading

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U.S. Army Christian Flag Folding Ceremony Shows Official Sanction of Church-State Violations

by Valerie Tarico This is a series on religious boundary violations in the U.S. military and what soldiers are doing to fight back. When American soldiers come forward with tales of divisive evangelism run amuck in the military — for … Continue reading

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Al-Azhar’s Response to the US Report on Religious Freedom 2010

The Islamic Research Academy of Al-Azhar reviewed the US State Department’s 2010 report on religious freedom in Egypt during its assembly meeting and noted blatant fallacies in the report. Some fallacies are a result of a lack of knowledge of … Continue reading

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Christianity as an American Weapon: Native America and Religion by Dakota O’Leary

Vine Deloria, Jr, a leading Native American scholar best known for his book “Custer Died for Your Sins” has been called one of the “greatest religious thinkers of the twentieth century,” by TIME magazine. It is worthy to take a … Continue reading

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Parents Fight Proselytizing in Public Schools

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CN) – Sumner County public school officials “persistently and pervasively used their official positions to promote their religious beliefs,” inviting Gideon’s International into school “to proselytize and distribute Bibles directly to public school students,” parents of elementary, middle … Continue reading

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