Time of Truth: American Heroes Burn the Koran

by Eleana Benador

Christianity vs. Islam

“… it is the people who control the Government, not the Government the people”  Sir Winston Churchill

As we received news of the burning of Korans yesterday at an American army base in Afghanistan and the subsequent rage it caused among the uneducated Muslim masses there, it is time for Americans to take conscience of our dire situation and do some soul searching to find the answers to so much injustice that’s being done to our values and the country we live in.

First and foremost, announcing an inquiry, the NATO Commander, US Gen John R Allen issued a profuse apology “to the president of Afghanistan, the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and most importantly, to the noble people of Afghanistan,” while confirming the episode, portrayed it as absolutely unintentional.

Let’s rewind a few minutes of History. Back at the beginning of Barack Hussein Obama’s tenure, in 2009, our soldiers in Afghanistan, precisely, were forced to burn “unsolicited” Bibles because of fear that Muslim locals would interpret it as intention to proselytize.  After all, the Central Command General Order No. 1 specifically forbids “proselytizing of any faith, religion or practice.”  But, what the Central Command General Order does not forbid is that our president and commander-in-chief orders those troops to burn Bibles, case in point, and offend the American Christian population.

Unfortunately, at that time, no Christian voices were heard protesting the decision of the commander-in-chief and the military bosses that had allowed such an outrage.

What has just happened at our military base in Bagram Air Field in the administrative province of Parwan in northern Afghanistan, directly north of the Kabul province, should be seen by Americans as a blessing in disguise because of the role it could play in developments ahead.

On another related note, Tuesday, at roughly 3: 18 PM EST, during his Fox News program “Studio B with Shepard Smith”, Shepard literally said: “… I mean, think of it, what if they burned the Bible?  Some of you would be up in arms over there…”    Wow…  Really?  When our own soldiers were forced by the Hussein Obama Administration to burn Bibles in Afghanistan, also *not to offend* Afghan Muslims…  no one protested, here or anywhere in America.  Christians are used to give their other cheek when they are threatened, it’s in essence who they are.

We would be remiss if we forget that Shepard Smith as well as all of those right now on Fox News Channel, are on a payroll that depends from Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

FBI and probe on “treatment” of Islam

In an unprecedented move that represents outright a threat to our national security, one cannot but wonder how does the FBI director Robert Mueller feel, when he’s committing blatant treason against our country?

For this man to remove hundreds of counter-terrorism training documents after a months-long review found inaccuracies and other problems in their description of Muslims, if he has any conscience and patriotism left, it must have felt at least awkward to remove documents under one of four categories of excuses, such as "poor taste," using Arab or Muslim "stereotypes," information missing "precision," and "factual errors,"  especially knowing all too well that there were 19 Muslim terrorists who viciously attacked and massacred, as they yelled “Allah hu Aqbar,” almost 4,000 innocent, unassuming Americans in times of peace, under instructions from their “holy” book, the Koran, which specifically requires from its adherents to forcibly convert dhimmis, or infidels, and proceed to world domination under the emblem of Islam and, subsequently, impose its sharia law.

FBI and Muslims review training materials

At first sight, this news may seem pretty isolated.  But, they are not, and hopefully this analysis will help show the American public the magnitude and intensity of the complicity between the Obama Administration, the establishment of their socialist agenda and how they are facilitating America’s takeover by Islam and its adherents, Muslims, throughout the country, and how, strategically speaking, they are positioning Muslims at the highest political echelons of the current Administration.

That said, this is not only an effort by the Left, because for obvious reasons of business interests, conservatives such as the Bush family and their own people, to which Mitt Romney also belongs, have been also instrumental in facilitating Muslim immigration to our country.   So far, no one has heard what plans Romney has to stop the Muslim invasion of America.

Recently, the FBI met with Muslim and interfaith groups that included the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Interfaith Alliance, and the Shoulder-to-Shoulder campaign.  The goal of their meeting was to allow these groups to “come with ideas” on how to sweeten the pill to American public opinion when dealing on matters of terror and avoid any and all mention of Islam when speaking of Muslim terrorism and most definitely to the detriment of our national security.

And, now, after ten years of war, 440 billions of dollars later, and 1,700 casualties from our troops, it is obvious that our endeavor can be now called a tragic failure, thanks to the intervention of this president, and personnel such as Robert Muller, FBI director, among others.

But, Christian aid from the international community has also sent aid to Afghanistan, a country where, according to the U.S. State Department, there is not one single, public Christian church left.

U.S. taxpayers to pay $11 billion ransom to Muslim Brotherhood?

Not only has the Obama Administration opened its doors to elements connected to the Muslim Brotherhood allowing them to access key jobs, thus representing a clear and present danger to our national security, but now, the Egyptian government is also asking for an eleven billion dollar aid from the West, which will end up most likely coming from our hard earned dollars and, no doubt, feeding the needs of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  It is their way to impose a ransom for keeping the oil passing through the Suez Canal…   And, in fact, Essam El-Erian, a high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood lawmaker who also serves as chairman of the Egyptian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said that should aid from Washington be cut, the Brotherhood was putting us on blackmail notice, i.e., they could change the terms of Egypt’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel.

Our military burn the Koran, what does it mean?

The news that some of our troops may have burned the Koran in the military base of Afghanistan, can be taken in the submissive way that has been adopted by the US commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, who in the footsteps of our current president also apologized and ordered an investigation into a report that troops "improperly disposed of a large number of Islamic religious materials which included Korans.”  Adding insult to injury,  US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta also apologized for the "inappropriate treatment" of copies of the Koran and promised a swift investigation.  

It is as if though, the American military defense and our authorities, beginning by the so-called president down to the last element of his administration do not have as first priority the safety and well-being of America -and have all but surrendered to the Islamic power.  

American Military Men’s Message to American People

In this context, we must envision that the burning of the Korans by our men in Afghanistan is sending a message to us, American patriots, that our troops can no longer continue with this charade -when they are fighting the enemy on one front, while their commander-in-chief is sending them to ally with that same enemy on other fronts, such as in Libya, and while the president undermines our national security by opening the doors of our country wide open to a people that has never been made accountable for their own terrorism, but who are being treated as if they were the victims when in reality they are the perpetrators and accomplices of the crimes committed in the name of Islam.

Indeed, instead of having made Muslim countries accountable and deal with their terrorism threat, our various administrations have willingly allowed Muslims to play the victim card and have avoided putting pressure on their societies to mature and deal with their homegrown terrorism -which they have continued exporting our way.

Calling All the Clans Together

It’s time for American patriots to start getting organized, the Muslim invasion is here.  But, whether it is here to stay, will only depend in the seriousness with which John and Jane Doe see this situation and if they are planning on organize and create a resistance -regardless of the potential upcoming elections, which after all, no one can be one hundred percent sure they will take place.   Besides, even if the current president were to be replaced by any RINO-conservative candidate, the situation regarding Muslims in our midst would still be schizophrenic if we would continue to welcome wholeheartedly those who want us ill -as we allow them to get established in our midst.

If nobody would decide to organize a resistance all over the country, then everyone in good conscience should consider they have committed Treason, which according to the law, if committed during warfare it is the only crime for which a person can be sentenced to the capital punishment, death.

American Patriots, America the Beautiful cannot wait any longer, it’s time to stand in front of your city halls and in the nation’s capital, and peacefully put pressure on your representatives and let your civilized presence say it all, so that the world can receive your message that the indomitable American spirit is alive and ready to defend what belongs to the American people: Their beloved country.

As such, American Patriots must oppose any investigation of our heroes -who would otherwise be disciplined unjustly.  This should be the first goal of the new movement.  No man from the Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan should be probed or investigated.   Remember that our troops are supposed to obey orders and that they must obey their commander-in-chief.  But the ones who gave the job to the man, it’s us, We The People.

And, what We The People gave, We The People must take back if need be -if the outcome has turned to be deplorable, which is the case.

No more bowing to Muslim pressure. We are free men and women, and it is our duty to keep that responsible freedom and self-respect of which we are simple custodians, to transmit it to the many generations of Americans that will follow us.

In doing so, American Patriots will instill faith and courage, conviction and valor, not only in Americans, but also in the world at large, a world that’s leaderless and has lost its values to the godless corrupt liberal vision.

Once again, America must lead.  This time, with the best weapon they have, the American Eagle, representing the Spirit of America, the strength and fortitude of this exceptional, formidable land.

American Patriots, America needs you now, not a second later.  

Don’t fail her


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