It’s interesting that even after Independence, when the tables could have been turned on their adversaries and detractors, the members of the Buddhist Commission of Inquiry were for equality of treatment and restoration and protection of the rights of Buddhists, in accordance with the tenets of Buddhism, rather than suppressing other religions.
Their position is spelled out in their report of 1956, “But we wish to state with all the authority at our command that this
struggle which the Buddhists must make is NOT a struggle to obtain a favoured position at the expense of other religious groups, however much we may have suffered at their hands in former times. We ask no favours and we expect none. But we do ask for and expect the right to a decent education for our children, the right to save our country from becoming an Eastern outpost of the Vatican, the right to be allowed to profess and practise our religion without let or hindrance, material or spiritual, secular or religious in a free and democratic Ceylon.”      Buddhist Commission of Inquiry, 1956, Section VIII – Tolerance
S. Senanayake, Colombo.

Hakeem Hails Buddhist Tolerance

Minister of Justice Rauff Hakeem hailed the tolerance of the Buddhist community in Sri Lanka and said that the tolerance of the Buddhists is proved by the fact that other religious sites too have been built all over the country.
He said that the Sri Lankan Muslims are fortunate to be with the Buddhists when the country is preparing to celebrate the 2600 years of the enlightenment of Lord Buddha.
He was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the International Conference on “Building World Peace and role of Islam Buddhist dialogue” held on Wednesday at Hotel Galadari. Mr. Hakeem said: “There are more than 2600 Mosques in the Country which proves the tolerance of the Buddhist under the guidance of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa.”
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