U.S. Army Christian Flag Folding Ceremony Shows Official Sanction of Church-State Violations

by Valerie Tarico
This is a series on religious boundary violations in the U.S. military and what soldiers are doing to fight back.
When American soldiers come forward with tales of divisive evangelism run amuck in the military — for example, proselytizing by commanding officers, coerced attendance at revival meetings, distribution of Bibles to Afghanis or Jesus coins to Iraqis — one problem they face is that people find the stories too outrageous to be credible. A combat soldier being forced to pick hairs out of a latrine because he wouldn’t pray? Another being told he’s responsible if any of his buddies die? An Iraqi child post-IED given a tract that shows dead Iraqis going to hell and Americans (Christians) going to heaven? Some folks have accused the Military Religious Freedom Foundation of making this stuff up. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/valerie-tarico/christian-flag-folding-ce_b_819927.html
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