This site provides information on unethical conversion of Buddhists to Christianity and Islam in Sri Lanka.

Forced conversions have been taking place since 1505 when Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) was colonised by the Portuguese, who were followed by the Dutch and the British. Unethical conversions since independence have escalated since the late 1970s often taking advantage of the internal armed conflicts that racked the country for 30 years.

While conversion from one religion to another through conviction is the human right of an individual, modern day evangelists primarily use a variety of psychological and economic tactics to swell the numbers of their churches. It is planned and systematic as you can see from the following statements.

“The work of the Church is not done until 90% of those who are not Christians are Christians”. A statement made by Rev. Lakdasa de Mel, Vice Bishop of the Anglican Church. Source: Revolt in the Temple, 1956, p. 485.

‘There are 25, 483 villages in Sri Lanka. Our aim must be to plant a church in every village”. Source: Lalith Mendis In Unreached People’s of Sri Lanka

The Department of Christian Affairs says that their ASPIRATIONS are to
Promotion of Christian Values, Culture and Beliefs in a Socially acceptable manner. (Source http://lankainformation.lk/government-departments/4243-department-of-christian-religious-affairs)
Are its aims to change 2600+ years of Buddhist culture, Buddhist values and replace Buddhist beliefs?

It is this type of conversions that are carried out with the specific objective of Christianizing Sri Lanka to change its cultural identity that we object to.

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