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Parents Arrested After 19-Year-Old Dies in Church ‘Counseling Session’

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (AP) – Two teenage brothers were brutally beaten in church – one of them fatally – in an effort by their parents, sister and other members of the congregation to force them to confess their sins and … Continue reading

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Pope Francis is due to make a three-day visit to Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka with the highlight of the visit being the canonization of Joseph Vaz, an Indian born 17th century Catholic missionary who spent most of his life in Sri … Continue reading

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“The continued preservation of Xavier’s corpse in India is an insult to India, and must be dispatched to Portugal as soon as possible. History records his barbarism in quite graphic detail. In the name of Holy Inquisition, Francis Xavier perpetrated … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church – A Religious Entity or a Corporate?

Did You Know? • The Church is the LARGEST owner of agricultural land in India • Is the second RICHEST employer after Government • Its funds equal the Indian Navy’s annual budget!!! Source: ShankNaad

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Discrimination in the Catholic Church

Dalit Christians in India “… continue to face segregation in cemeteries…practice untouchability and are compelled to drop caste names,” said Kudanthai Arasan of the Viduthalai Tamil Puligal Katch

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Papal Bulls:The Crimes Church/Popes Ordered Kings to Commit

Papal Bulls: The crimes the Church/Popes ordered the Kings to commit The destiny of inhabited nations changed as a result of papal bulls issued by the Roman Catholic Church and the advent of the ‘Age of Discovery’. Contrary to what … Continue reading

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Kathleen Taylor, Neuroscientist, Says Religious Fundamentalism Could Be Treated As A Mental Illness

An Oxford University researcher and author specializing in neuroscience has suggested that one day religious fundamentalism may be treated as a curable mental illness. Kathleen Taylor, who describes herself as a "science writer affiliated to the Department of Physiology, Anatomy … Continue reading

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Public School Proselytizing Sparks Lawsuit in Miss. USA

The Rankin County, Miss., School District is facing a federal lawsuit because it allegedly sanctioned coercive proselytizing during three mandatory assemblies at Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood. The American Humanist Association (AHA) charged that Principal Charles Frazier and other … Continue reading

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Pastor of Agape Children’s Home Arrested for Allegedly using Children to Slaughter Animals

The pastor of the children’s home at Tissamaharama, Bogahapelessa has been arrested by the police.  The main allegation in the reports was that children were used to slaughter animals. The alleged pastor has been running the particular children’s home for a … Continue reading

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Buddhists in Sri Lanka Getting a Raw Deal! – A CHRISTIAN

It is always the same. Buddhists are the aggressors when they are actually the victims.  Evangelists are proselytizing and exploiting the poverty of the rural people and luring them into church will promises of material benefits including employment. Then, when … Continue reading

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