Christian Conversion Project: Conversion Facts

• US $145 Billion are spent annually for missionary activities.

• Every year, churches around the world perform US $1.1 billion worth of research in 3,000 languages,covering 180 religious topics for conversion purposes.

• Missionary literature in today’s libraries number 175,000 different titles in 500 languages,increasing by 4 newly published every day.

• The total cost of Christian conversions averages $330,000 for each and every convert.

• From only 3 million in year 1500, Christians involved in missionary activities has grown to 648 million worldwide, 54% being Non-Whites (Showing the focus of training of indigenous missionaries).

• There are only 818 ethno linguistic peoples or tribal groups which have never been targeted by any Christian agency.

• It costs Christians 700 times more money to convert someone in rich developed countries such as Switzerland than in
poor developing countries such as India. (That is why India is being heavily targeted).

• Each day 10,000 Chinese are converted to Christianity due to missionary tactics.

• Each year 3.5% of Africans (6 Million) convert to Christianity.

• The top three poorest countries in the world by per capita GDP are all 40-70% Christian (Notice how Missionaries target the poorest populations).

• In 1972, there were 26 indigenous missionary agencies in India, as of 1997 there are more than 200.

• In India, it is estimated that 5,000 people are converted to Christianity everyday. That’s one person every 17.28 seconds!

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