Pastor of Agape Children’s Home Arrested for Allegedly using Children to Slaughter Animals

The pastor of the children’s home at Tissamaharama, Bogahapelessa has been arrested by the police.  The main allegation in the reports was that children were used to slaughter animals.

The alleged pastor has been running the particular children’s home for a long time. Accordingly the chairman of the National Child Protection Authority appointed a group of policemen to investigate the matter.

Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police of the Southern Province stated that  involving children in cruel activities such as slaughtering animals is a serious offence and strict legal measures will be taken against the wrongdoers.

The police investigations have revealed that when the butcher of the farm run by the children’s home is absent the pastor has used the young boys of the children’s home to slaughter pigs and roosters.

It has been reported that the children have been used to do menial work as well.

The particular children’s home houses 89 children who were displaced due to the tsunami and were homeless due to other reasons.


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