Priest in Chile Accused of Sexually Abusing Minors

A Chilean priest was arrested on Friday on charges he sexually abused three minors, amid other high-profile cases that have shocked this predominantly Roman Catholic country.
Audin Araya allegedly abused three minors at a Catholic school in the city of Concepcion, located 500km south of Santiago.
The Concepcion court ordered Araya’s arrest after a hearing to formalise charges of sexual abuse of students aged between 15 and 17 that allegedly took place in 2008, when Araya was rector of a local high school.
The case comes at a difficult time for the Chilean Catholic Church, which on April 8 issued a public apology for sexual abuse by paedophile priests, taking the blame for a lack of diligence in investigating victim complaints.
Two influential Catholic figures already are under investigation: priest Fernando Karadina, among the most influential priests in the country; and Sister Paula (Isabel Margarita Lagos), the former mother superior of the Ursulinas sisterhood. – AFP
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