Proselytization and the Law

It is not only in non-Christian countries such as Sri Lanka, India that there is opposition to evangelism but in USA as well as these few news items show.

It is time to bring an anti conversion law in Sri Lanka following countries such as India, USA among others.

US Military and Proselytization
An atheist organization in Albuquerque, New Mexico that seeks freedom from religion in the military is asking officials at the Pentagon to court martial any Armed Forces superior who “promote[s] their personal religious beliefs to their subordinates” or “extend[s] preferential treatment for any religion.” A spokesperson for The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, comparing evangelistic activity to rape recently said that they want to end proselytization on military bases, as it is “horrible, horrendous, dehumanizing behavior”…. calling them fundamentalist Christian religious predators.

Army Orders Alaskan Soldiers to Remove Scripture References from Scopes
In another development, soldiers at an Army base in Alaska have been ordered to turn in their scopes so that the Scripture references engraved on them may be removed, reports state.
Troops stationed at Fort Wainwright near Fairbanks recently received the command after it was discovered that Trijicon, the company that manufactured the scopes had engraved two Bible citations in the metal next to the serial numbers. The company has a contract with the United States military. Now soldiers are being informed that the verses must be scraped off and painted over.
According to reports, Trijicon was at the center of controversy in 2010 when military leaders became aware that it was providing Scriptural citations on its products. Although the company asserted at the time that it has always been the practice of Trijicon to inscribe the word of God on items, former Army General David Petraeus called the tradition “disturbing.”

Pastor and Others Arrested in New Orleans for Evangelism
A pastor and five members of Raven Ministries were arrested while ministering the Gospel to the large crowds that were reveling on Bourbon Street, a popular section of the city that is known for its preponderance of bars and strip clubs. They were cited for violating the city’s “Aggressive Solicitation” ordinance, which primarily serves to curb the aggressive solicitation of donations but which also contains a clause that prohibits any type of free speech on Bourbon Street after sunset, including religious or political speech.

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