The Church & Its Links to Sri Lanka’s Terrorism & Elsewhere

By Shenali Waduge  

"The purpose of this article was not to degrade any religion but to highlight to those unaware about the ugly connection that exists between the Church and terrorism because it runs contradictory to what teachings of the religion depict. Sri Lanka’s case is just an example and the Church has been involved in terrorism throughout the continents of the world."

In the game of politics it is not hard to imagine how or why nations and leaders opt to use terrorism for their advantage and as a bargaining tool over governments. Nevertheless, when religious groups and movements join this nexus so much so to not only fund terrorists but also influence governments and practically all establishments in society it raises the alarm bells and the need for people born into these faiths to be aware of the falsities and hypocrisies that prevail and the gross injustice the leaders of the Church are actually doing to

The World Council of Churches was formed in 1948 (in Amsterdam) to stop the divisions within Christendom. This was to be achieved by setting up a “Special Fund to combat Racism” and all Churches had to become “agents”. This is the “fund” used to sponsor terrorism.

These establishments should be ashamed of the harm they are doing to the world & its people. What is the excuse that organizations like the Organization of African Unity, the Lutheran World Federation, British Council of Churches, National Council of Churches of America, Reformed Churches of the Netherlands, United Presbyterian Church of America, Evangelical Churches of Germany, Reformed Churches in the Netherlands have to say for themselves?

Possibly as a result of internal pressures the UN General Assembly had to declare in 1974 that UN member states & UN agencies could aid “freedom fighters in colonial territories”. This has kickstarted a very ugly trend of affairs that is challenging every aspect of civil society.

Nevertheless, we cannot even imagine the amount of money that is being channeled from the West to terrorist movements in Southern Africa, Asia and to other parts of the world. It is no small number. It is not just money transfer it is men and even goods. So countries like Algeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Egypt, Zaire, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Ghana & Libya are only experiencing the adverse affects of western forces funding terrorism in these nations and the Church largely responsible.

The Church’s sinister operations take place everywhere. It has emerged through investigations that the police in Northern Ireland colluded with the Government & the Catholic Church to cover the role of a priest in the 1972 bombing that killed 9 people. There are ample examples that can be given.

And what about the Vatican just how rich is the Vatican? Estimates range from $10b to $15b with wealth stocked throughout Italian stocks, Italian share markets, banking, insurance, chemicals, real estate, steel & even construction. The Vatican even has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France & the US, it also has investments with Credit Suisse, Hambros Bank, Morgan Bank, Chase-Manhattan Bank, First National Bank of New York & the list goes on. Surprised? Well the Vatican also has shares in Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, General Electric, International Business Machines, Bethlehem Steel, TWA. However, the Vatican does not pay taxes. You can imagine the wealth of the Vatican church and is a formidable stockbroker! How about the Vatican’s gold? The bulk of gold ingots lies in the US Federal Reserve Bank, as well as in banks in England & Switzerland. Put all that the Vatican owns together and there is no competitor. Lest we forget, we need to include into this list the priceless art, hidden Nazi gold, plundered treasures from around the world & other assets which include some 30 buildings & 1700 apartments in Rome.

World leaders are confusing us. We have the good terrorist & the bad terrorist. There is also the good Taliban & the bad Taliban. Similarly Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein & Gaddafi were good when it suited & bad when it suited the West as well. Now we have religions that are doing everything but preaching peace and harmony. It appears that Sri Lanka and India are of great concern for Christian West. With this realization it is easier to imagine how things have unfolded throughout history.

Why is it that practically all processions in support of the LTTE in Tamil Nadu have a Christian padri leading it? Most of these demonstrations are often organized near churches. This may also explain how a Christian nun was arrested in Tamil Nadu for distributing pamphlets in support of the LTTE. Vaiko, Gopalswamy are all Christians. Lets look closer, almost every fishing hamlet in the South coast of Tamil Nadu is Christian. Should we be surprised when fisherman’s organizations suddenly demand “eelaam” in Sri Lanka? Thus, Tamil Nadu becomes the largest recipient of foreign funds & Christian/Catholic humanitarian movements. Don’t be too surprised if there is a rising number of Christian actors, musicians, technical staff, jewelry outlets and of course religious conversions. What the Church is working to achieve is a Christian state like East Timor. Eelaam was never meant to be for Hindu Tamils at least from the point of view of the Church! Step back and think about the manipulations in place and the way people are being manipulated. Everything is well choreographed. All the while we need to be aware that unlike Buddhism, the Christians & the Muslims owe their allegiance to religion & not to their country. Remember the Church is well organized & well connected as well. Similarly, we must not forget the atrocities committed by Catholic Portuguese colonists in Sri Lanka. India can do nothing much, its premier is almost a puppet and India’s strings are being pulled by a non-Hindu and a non-Indian.

Continuing from where Prabakaran’s role was eliminated has been the Catholic Bishops of Jaffna who are portraying a false set of conditions in the North solely to blame Sri Lanka’s military and start laying the foundations for the NGO/UN to use these are examples for actions against the Sri Lankan Government. Maybe the Church may like to recall how the Church was a haven for arms, heists from banks and how the Church was used as torture chambers by the LTTE? Was it not these Fathers that encouraged Wanni Tamils in the No Fire Zone to gather together with the ultimate aim to use them as a human shield? How alarming would also be the truth that some of these Catholic fathers even promised parents that their children would be safe but the actual plan was to hand them over to the LTTE. Only a handful of these children managed to escape whilst the rest were hounded up & taken away by the LTTE – eventually to become a child soldier.

If the Church is interested in Sri Lanka, it invariably means it is interested in India. Should we then be surprised how the West is funding terrorism in India? Millions of funds flow into Christian missionaries & Christian NGOs throughout India. Activities run behind dubious social work. It is believed that over 500,000 have been converted to Christianity over a period of just a few years. Conversions are taking place in Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh & Meghalaya. These missions are known as the Maranatha International and the Global Mission, Baptist World Alliance, Southern Baptist Church in America. If there is a surge of terrorists like the National Liberation Front of Tripura, National Socialist Council of Nagaland…these are all funded by the World Council of Churches which buys the arms and hands over to these militant groups to kill innocent people and to strike mayhem. Should we also be surprised when there is a sharp rise in AIDs/ drugs in troubled states of Nagaland, Sikkim?

In 1991 there were only 2.3% Christians in Nagaland today that number exceeds 90%. India’s East is steadily being destabilized for a nation that continues to destabilize Sri Lanka. India will never learn not to bully nations that did no wrong to it. For that India will suffer.

Though irrelevant to the discussion, the large scale of sexual abuse within the Church needs to also be highlighted and these are taking place across continents and is seeing no abatement.

The purpose of this article was not to degrade any religion but to highlight to those unaware about the ugly connection that exists between the Church and terrorism because it runs contradictory to what teachings of the religion depict. Sri Lanka’s case is just an example and the Church has been involved in terrorism throughout the continents of the world.

These are all just small pebbles building up to create a New World Order wherein every problem that prevails is because “money is the root of all evil”.

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