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What Pope John Paul II said

During his 1998 visit to India … Pope John Paul II bluntly stated that the Christianization of Asia is "an absolute priority" for the Catholic Church in the new millennium. He openly linked the Vatican agenda for that region to its conquest of the Americas in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Things they Don't Tell You About Christianity

Pronouncements of Evangelical Organisations and Heads of Churches in Sri Lanka

“The work of the Church is not done until 90% of those who are not Christians are Christians”. A statement made by Rev. Lakdasa de Mel, Vice Bishop of the Anglican Church.

Source: Revolt in the Temple, 1956, p. 485.

‘There are 25, 483 villages in Sri Lanka. Our aim must be to plant a church in every village”. Source: Lalith Mendis- Unreached People’s of Sri Lanka



“June 24th will mark 50 years of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance in Sri Lanka. The Alliance has weathered many a storm and come through stronger in its commitment to Jesus Christ. It has been a journey of faith, a story of Grace, a flame that could not be extinguished and a dream that will not die” – Godfrey Yogaraja,  Secretary General, Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka

Source: Newsletter of EAST, LEADS and ESCAPE Vol. 1 Issue I, July 2001


“There are only 4000 days before the year 2000. We sincerely believe it is harvest time in Sri Lanka” Rev Fr. Vergis Chand, Head of the Light House Church in Kandy.  Letter dated 1st August 2005.

“Buddhism today influences about 1 billion people, primarily ranging from South Russia to Indonesia and from West India to Japan. Thus the challenge to the Church of the 21st century is to sacrifice through patience, perseverance, and purity of life in order to reach this large remaining Buddhist bloc. Here is a call to pray, to go, to send, to evangelize and to plant churches among all Buddhist Peoples of Asia. OMF has worked among Buddhists for the last 135 years. Join us in advancing the gospel to them in the next century” Dr. Alex G. Smith

Source: Finding, Defining and Minding the Buddhist World: East Asian’s Millions, Buddhism, The Next Giant, OMG International Spring 1999. p. 7.

“Pray out God send willing and skillful workers for each of the 3000 unreached Buddhist peoples groups”.

Plead with god to plant churches and begin church planting movements among each Buddhist peoples groups” Dr. Alex G. Smith.

Source: Praying Biblically for Unreached Budddhist Peoples: East Asian’s Millions, Buddhism, The Next Giant, OMG International Spring 1999. p. 10.


“There are hundreds of opportunities for those who long to see Christ glorified in East Asia. Asia remains the least evangelized continent on earth, with more peoples than any region. We long to see many workers sent out to East Asia, men and women of faith, all on fire for God and consumed with a passion for his glory and effective in his service” Dr. Alex G. Smith.

Source: Adopting: East Asian’s Millions, Buddhism, The Next Giant, OMG International Spring 1999. p. 14.

Ted Engstrom, President, World Vision, Christian Organisation

“We analyze every project, every programme we undertake to make sure that within that programme, evangelism is a significant component. We cannot feed individuals and then let them go to hell”. Source: Lords of Poverty, 1987, p. 9.