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Reciprocity and not Reconciliation should be the Basis of Peaceful Co-existence between Buddhists and Muslims

Reciprocity is the hallmark of any relationship. However, we have hardly any evidence to prove Islamic reciprocity towards non-Islamic faiths. It has been announced that an international conference is to be held in Sri Lanka in August 2016 sponsored by … Continue reading

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Unethical Practices : Hijacking Buddhist Architecture and Projecting as Christian! by Shenali D. Waduge

Four hundered and fifty (450) years of foreign invasion & occupation, 133 years of British rule cannot replace 2300 years of Sinhala Buddhist rule but they keep trying and gaining ground too. 67 years of post-independence where former colonies remain … Continue reading

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Buddhists in Sri Lanka Getting a Raw Deal! – A CHRISTIAN

It is always the same. Buddhists are the aggressors when they are actually the victims.  Evangelists are proselytizing and exploiting the poverty of the rural people and luring them into church will promises of material benefits including employment. Then, when … Continue reading

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TVMP Abducts Buddhist Prelate over Batticaloa Land: Where are the Human Rights of the Sinhalese Buddhists?

TMVP members yesterday (May 03) afternoon abducted chief incumbent of Mangalarama Vihara in Batticaloa and confined him to the Vellavali Pradeshiya Sabha chairman’s office for several hours, media reports said. Ven. Ampitiye Sumana Thera later lodged a complaint with the … Continue reading

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A Heart Warming Story: Northeast Portland Church finds New Life as Heart of Wisdom, a Buddhist Temple

by Nancy Haught, The Oregonian, June 245, 2011 On a Wednesday morning, the newly painted red door gleams against the small white church. Just inside, wooden stairs, covered in feathery tufts of old carpet padding, climb to the second-floor sanctuary. … Continue reading

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