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White Christian West Crimes through History

“The name of Christ has caused more persecutions, wars, and miseries than any other name has caused.” – John E. Remsburg Over hundreds and thousands of years the same nations that dictate how the world today functions have been responsible … Continue reading

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Papal Bulls:The Crimes Church/Popes Ordered Kings to Commit

Papal Bulls: The crimes the Church/Popes ordered the Kings to commit The destiny of inhabited nations changed as a result of papal bulls issued by the Roman Catholic Church and the advent of the ‘Age of Discovery’. Contrary to what … Continue reading

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Time of Truth: American Heroes Burn the Koran

by Eleana Benador Christianity vs. Islam “… it is the people who control the Government, not the Government the people”  Sir Winston Churchill As we received news of the burning of Korans yesterday at an American army base in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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Muslims Will Be United With Christians to Strive Against Atheists and Darwin

God Discussion Reporter 2 Comments In American Christian circles, "Chrislam" has become a hotly debated topic ignited by Jack Van Impe's cancellation of his contract with the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Some Muslims see the issue differently. "Muslims will be united … Continue reading

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Christian Right Reacts to Legalising of Gay Marriage

As New York where gay marriage became legal and despite religious protection exemptions in the bill, there have been angry reactions from the Christian right. The National Organization For Marriage, which has millions of dollars at its disposal and is … Continue reading

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Nepal: New Criminal Code to Stop Conversions to Christianity

Changes to the criminal code are currently under review. Anyone preaching or trying to persuade others to change religion could get up to five years in prison and almost US$ 700 in fines. Christians fear new code could restrict religious … Continue reading

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Indonesia: “Christianisation” and Intolerance

by International Crisis Group (ICG), 2010, Asia Briefing N°114 Religious tolerance in Indonesia has come under increasing strain in recent years, particularly where hardline Islamists and Christian evangelicals compete for the same ground. Islamists use “Christianisation” – a term that … Continue reading

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Christianity as an American Weapon: Native America and Religion by Dakota O’Leary

Vine Deloria, Jr, a leading Native American scholar best known for his book “Custer Died for Your Sins” has been called one of the “greatest religious thinkers of the twentieth century,” by TIME magazine. It is worthy to take a … Continue reading

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