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VHP seeks anti-conversion law in Jharkhand

RANCHI: After a large number of tribals reportedly converted to Christianity in Jharkhand’s Gumla district, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has sought an anti-conversion law in the state. “Anti conversion law should be formulated in Jharkhand. Christian missionaries are silently … Continue reading

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Indigenous People Forum, Ragailong Appeal on Conversion

Source: The Sangai Express Imphal, May 20 2012: Taking grim note of certain individuals making all out effort for spreading/expanding alien religions through forcible conversion of the indigenous people, indigenous People Forum, Ragailong (Imphal East district) has appealed to the … Continue reading

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Evangelical Group Targets Schools

By Janet Steffenhagen, Vancouver Sun February 4, 2012 A global evangelical group that strives to place young missionaries in public schools has sparked concern among some Vancouver teachers who fear the Pais Project volunteers in their school are trying to … Continue reading

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Greek Evangelist Faces Prison Term for Proselytizing

A Christian evangelist in Greece has been sentenced to four months in prison and fined 840 euros for violating a law against proselytizing. The Greek Orthodox Church is country's official church and is protected by the nation's laws. http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2011/October/Greek-Evangelist-Faces-Prison-Time-for-Proselytizing-/

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Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World: Recommendations for Conduct

Preamble Mission belongs to the very being of the church. Proclaiming the word of God and witnessing to the world is essential for every Christian. At the same time, it is necessary to do so according to gospel principles, with … Continue reading

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Guidelines for Evangelists

On Tuesday, June 28th, Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe will be in Geneva, Switzerland to announce the public launch of the document "Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World: Recommendations for Conduct". The document is the result of a 5 year cooperation between … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom: A Hindu Perspective

by Arvind Sharma, PhD, Birks Professor of Comparative Religion, McGill University Presentation before the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom on September 18, 2000. I have been asked to provide a Hindu perspective on religious freedom, to identify the … Continue reading

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Islamists Project Islam’s Worst Traits onto Christians

by Raymond Ibrahim In recent weeks, we saw how the Muslim world’s obsession with gaining converts evinces, in the words of one Muslim intellectual, an “inferiority complex“—a deadly one at that. As it happens, inferiority complex is not the only … Continue reading

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Challenge of Religious Conversion and Hindu Response

by Dr Subramanian Swamy January 3, 2006 Excerpted from the address of The Chief Guest at the Anniversary Celebration of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam Religious conversion of Hindus is threatening individuals, families, communities and the nation. Coercive religious conversion of Hindus … Continue reading

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