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Efforts to Implement Sharia in Sri Lanka

The gazette notification of 19 April 2013 under Standing Order No.48 proposes a Bill to implement Sharia laws into the school system in Sri Lanka. Everyone, especially the Muslims in Sri Lanka need to realize the damage that will be … Continue reading

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Time of Truth: American Heroes Burn the Koran

by Eleana Benador Christianity vs. Islam “… it is the people who control the Government, not the Government the people”  Sir Winston Churchill As we received news of the burning of Korans yesterday at an American army base in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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Muslims Will Be United With Christians to Strive Against Atheists and Darwin

God Discussion Reporter 2 Comments In American Christian circles, "Chrislam" has become a hotly debated topic ignited by Jack Van Impe's cancellation of his contract with the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Some Muslims see the issue differently. "Muslims will be united … Continue reading

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Replace Bigotry and Confrontation with Dialogue

Events surrounding the recent Arab-American Festival in Dearborn highlight the continued need for community leaders and members to proactively challenge bigotry through dialogue instead of angry confrontation. From Terry Jones' cohorts at Dearborn City Hall referring to counterprotestors as "scum" … Continue reading

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Islamists Project Islam’s Worst Traits onto Christians

by Raymond Ibrahim In recent weeks, we saw how the Muslim world’s obsession with gaining converts evinces, in the words of one Muslim intellectual, an “inferiority complex“—a deadly one at that. As it happens, inferiority complex is not the only … Continue reading

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The Global Jihad Marches: March of the Mosques in America

The first mosque in America was built by Albanian Muslims in 1915 in Maine. By 1919, they had established another mosque in Connecticut. Polish-speaking Tatars built a mosque in Brooklyn in 1926, which is still in use. African American Muslims established … Continue reading

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The Rise of Modern Religious Fundamentalism Worldwide

by Christopher Helali No one can deny that we live in dangerous times. Never before in world history has there been this level of religious radicalism and fundamentalism on a global scale. Every major religion has organized constituents that mobilize … Continue reading

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Indonesia: “Christianisation” and Intolerance

by International Crisis Group (ICG), 2010, Asia Briefing N°114 Religious tolerance in Indonesia has come under increasing strain in recent years, particularly where hardline Islamists and Christian evangelicals compete for the same ground. Islamists use “Christianisation” – a term that … Continue reading

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Al-Azhar’s Response to the US Report on Religious Freedom 2010

The Islamic Research Academy of Al-Azhar reviewed the US State Department’s 2010 report on religious freedom in Egypt during its assembly meeting and noted blatant fallacies in the report. Some fallacies are a result of a lack of knowledge of … Continue reading

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Muslims and Christians in Egypt: the Domino Parts

A series of Muslim-Christian violent incidents is ripping Egyptian society apart. The demolition of Atfeeh church, the killing of a woman and her family years after she converts to Islam, and the burning of Imbaba church two days ago are … Continue reading

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