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Offering Religious Harmony after Failing to Sell ‘Peace’

By Janaka Perera The ‘Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief’ will hold a seminar on “Missionary Activities and Human Rights: Recommended Ground-rules for Missionary Activities” at Pallekele, Kandy on January 4-5. The organisers say they hope to explore … Continue reading

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Evangelical Christians Eye North Korea

http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2012/01/06/preaching_the_gospel_in_the_hermit_kingdomDespite the perception of North Korea as a country hermetically sealed to the outside — and despite the very real risks — dozens, if not hundreds, of Christian missionaries operate inside the country, sometimes living there for months at a … Continue reading

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Politics of Religion and Born Again: An Agenda for Insidious Proselytization

Each Individual on Earth faces so many problems minor and major each living day. He / she overcomes them by own strength and moves forward. Religion gives him hope that he is not alone and someone out there is there … Continue reading

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