Turmoil: Opportunities for Evangelism

Turmoil: Opportunities for Evangelism

An international Bible ministry, with many volunteers and staff based in regions undergoing political unrest and religious tensions, is encouraging the Christian community to see this time as pivotal for the growth of Christianity in these areas.

Bible League International®, www.bibleleague.org , citing recent developments in Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan, among others, says the time is ripe to act now to get the Gospel into these countries, which historically have not been pro-Christian nations.

“The changes occurring in the Middle East and North Africa at this time are giving the Christian Church an opportunity that it has not had in some time,” said a Bible League representative in the Middle East.

Bible League International (BLI) is a non-profit evangelical Christian ministry currently working in more than 55 countries, dedicated to making disciples and training Bible study leaders and church planters. It focuses on discipleship, partnering with local churches worldwide, training and equipping Christians to use the Bible to make disciples and establish new churches.

Since its founding in 1938, Bible League has placed millions of Bibles in the hands of people in more than 80 countries.http://www.evangelicalnews.org/indiv_pr.php?action=display&pr_id=18865

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