TVMP Abducts Buddhist Prelate over Batticaloa Land: Where are the Human Rights of the Sinhalese Buddhists?

TMVP members yesterday (May 03) afternoon abducted chief incumbent of Mangalarama Vihara in Batticaloa and confined him to the Vellavali Pradeshiya Sabha chairman’s office for several hours, media reports said.

Ven. Ampitiye Sumana Thera later lodged a complaint with the SP of Batticaloa, alleging that he was threatened with death and the PS chairman and his supporters even tried to assault him.

The prelate said he had gone to Vellaveli area earlier in the day to inquire into a dispute over a paddy field owned by the Sinhalese.

He was kidnapped as he was returning from that trip, ‘Divaina’ reports.

The abductors had told him that all land in Batticaloa belonged only to the Tamils, and anyone else claiming ownership would be killed.

Ven. Sumana Thera staged a fast unto death a few months ago alleging that organized Tamil groups had faked deeds and claimed land in Batticaloa owned by the Sinhalese.



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