Unethical Conversions

Unethical conversion is causing a person to change one’s religious beliefs or practices he/she hold, through inducement, threat or promise, or by use/abuse of power or influence, offering benefit or loss, financial or otherwise, to the victim/s, or by religious requirement.  Unethical conversion is a violation of the fundamental right of a person to pursue a person's own religious beliefs unhindered. It affects the convert’s cultural identity and in the long term will affect the cultural legacy of a country.  Christianity, and to a lesser extent Islam actively encourage their followers to convert others into their religion. This practice, called evangelism in Christianity, is carried out systematically and with a clear agenda.  Corporate evangelical churches with almost unlimited funds at their disposal use sophisticated mind altering techniques that are deceptive to convert people from other religions to their own. The evangelists are well trained. Very often they exploit the poverty of the people in countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Laos. When resistance to such acts of conversion sometimes leads to violence, the evangelists claim they are the aggrieved party and that they are discriminated against. “Evangelism is … a form of tyranny over the mind.” – Dr. Babu Suseelan http://conversionagenda.blogspot.com/2005/03/coercive-religious-conversion-crime.html