Evangelists collect funds from individuals, organisations and governments to “alleviate the misery” of people in developing countries. In fact those who donate do so in good faith.


How much money is collected? How is it spent? Who profits and who loses? The financial world is divided into 1) funds acquirers 2) funds utilizers
Funds Acquirers: Organizations such as World Vision, Catholic Charities claim to be secular charities often having ‘who’s who’ in their boards. This helps them acquire funds. They have campaigns to raise funds during many disasters by running benefit shows, cricket matches and corporate events. They usually don’t maintain ground force to serve the needy. They usually donate to organizations which are usually mission agencies. This way they are insulated from all the nefarious activities of various church groups and missionary workers. For example; during Indian Ocean Tsunami, World Vision and International Cricket Council ( organized a Tsunamic benefit match wherein the proceeds would go to World Vision. The distribution of funds is at the discretion of World Vision who donate only to Christians.
Funds Utilizers: These are the mission agencies and churches with ground force
Corruption & and Misuse ( 21 items )
Most churchs and mission agencies in their financial statements show some Dollars ($$) as lost/stolen. Are they really stolen or used for clandestine activity?
  • Income & Expenditure ( 3 items )
    How much and how they get their funds and how is it spent?
  • World Vision – A Case study ( 1 item )
    World Vision, one of the best organized ‘so-called’ charity institution in the world projects itself as a secular charity guided by Christian principles.  A review of its nepharious activities and an analysis of its financial statements and tax returns
Mother Teresa – A Case study (17 items)
Mother Teresa, ‘the saint of Gutters’ and her activities are covered here.  She is the Gold Medalist in the Christian Public Relations competition.  Unfortunately most of the world media didn’t buy her PR technique and critically analyzed her activities.  Read these
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Severe Corruption and torture at Mother Teresa’s Ashrams
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Mother Theresa – Where are her millions?
Time – What’s Mother Teresa Got to Do with It?
The saint business
Mommie Dearest – Christophe Hitchens – Slate
Indian Rationalists question mother Teresa’s ovarian miracle
India has no reason to be grateful to Mother Teresa – Sanal Edamaruku
Mother Teresa The Final Verdict
Doctor claims pressure to ratify Teresa’s ‘miracle’

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