Laws, Governments and Evangelism

How do various laws and international laws deal with Evangelism?  What is the relationship between Governments and Evangelism?
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America promotes Evangelism ( 37 items )US Government directly and indirectly promotes evangelism in America and across the world often using public money and violating the first amendment.  One such blatant violation is  George Bush’s  “Faith Based Initiative” which promotes and funds large fundamentalist religious groups.
ACLU files lawsuit against school system
US pressures Lanka on Anti-Conversion Bill
U.S. soldiers launch campaign to convert Iraqis to Christianity
Should taxpayers fund religious discrimination?
Not so fast, Christian soldiers
Girl Dragged in Christian Boot Camp – Air Force Evangelism in Action?
Kill Or Convert, Brought To You By the Pentagon
Churches feed from fed trough
Which Church?
Baptist Homes accused of forced religion
Accommodating religious needs or a formula to proselytize?
Democrats and liberals need to fight against “Godless” mislabeling by conservatives High Court Questions Challenge to Bush Faith-Based Initiative
Religion for a Captive Audience, Paid For by Taxes
Faith finds a home behind prison walls
Proposed Religion-Based Program for Federal Inmates is Canceled
NYTimes Series: Part 4: In God’s name: Religion-Based Tax Breaks: Housing to Paychecks to Books
NYTimes series: Part 3: In God’s Name: Giving Exemptions
NY Times Series: Part 2: IN GOD’s Name: Limiting Workers’ Rights
PART 4: MISSIONARIES IN TRAINING | EXPORTING FAITH: Healing the body to reach the soul Part 3: THE MUSLIM WORLD | EXPORTING FAITH: Together, but worlds apart
PART 2: CHURCH MEETS STATE: EXPORTING FAITH:Religious right wields clout PART 1: CHANGING THE RULES :Bush brings faith to foreign aid
Christian Fundamentalism And American Empire
The American Empire: An Unholy Alliance between Church and State
Evangelical Conversion-for-Parole Program Thwarted
God’s Country?
Blumner: Social services under Bush – Only Christians need apply
Evangelism in Social, Domestic and Foreign Policy
Universal fascism, freedom betrayed: What is Mr. Bush doing in your name? USA – Study finds evangelism at Air Force
Religious-persecution bill passes in House
Religion Credited in Nichols Jury’s Choice
Persecution complex – Evangelical lawmakers behind creation of USCIRF
God is American

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