Unethical Practices : Hijacking Buddhist Architecture and Projecting as Christian! by Shenali D. Waduge

Four hundered and fifty (450) years of foreign invasion & occupation, 133 years of British rule cannot replace 2300 years of Sinhala Buddhist rule but they keep trying and gaining ground too. 67 years of post-independence where former colonies remain tied to and enslaved by colonial systems cannot be allowed to continue the hidden objective of removing the Sinhala Buddhist identity and denationalizing the people to facilitate foreign agendas that aspire to replace our historic culture, heritage, religion with theirs in a carefully hidden program being implemented across all former colonies still.

We need to realize and address the covert and over attempts to systematically change Sri Lanka’s identity of 2300 years of Buddhist governance following dasa raja dhamma ethics and ethical livelihood which even Indian invaders followed and the legacy of heritage, culture and irrigation marvels that continue to baffle modern day engineers.

That the objective of Western colonials was to replace Buddhism with Christian rule is evident by the manner Portuguese, Dutch and British went on a systematic campaign to kill Sinhalese, destroy Buddhist architecture, heritage and eventually resorted to converting Buddhists dividing them into Christians/Catholics. In short the objective of Western colonial rulers was to break the national identity and to do that it was necessary to divide or destroy the Sinhala Buddhists.

The same was done to Hindus of India. The historical colonial injustices remain unapologized, unaccounted and not even compensated while post-independence injustices are being carefully camouflaged.

It is on the virtue of the 2300 years of Buddhist governance that even when the Sinhale nation was ceded by traitors to the British in 1815 the Kandyan Convention assured to protect the placed of Buddhism. Article 9 of Sri Lanka’s Constitution is merely a continuation of the 2300years Buddhist governance that prevailed. It is nothing that anyone can make objections to and nothing they should try to change and successive governments whatever their personal or party ideologies are should not be allowed to legally/constitutionally change this historical identity and replace it with another!

Attempts have been made through traitors of Sri Lanka to even change the place given historically to Buddhism. Sri Lanka’s Constitution has a separate chapter (2) Article 9 that declares “The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1) (e).

The Abrahamic religions continue to flirt with local traitors to dilute the place of Buddhism in an effort that remains enshrined in their mission/vision & objectives whatever they say otherwise. Massive funds are allocated for this effort that the Sinhala Buddhists or even Tamil Hindus can only match by awareness. The introduction of liberal notion multiculturalism is meant to declare all religions/cultures/history as equal when it is not so. It is nations that do not have a culture/heritage or history that jumps on the bandwagon to gain via modern liberal movements what they historically do not possess.

The manner in which historical architecture has become victim goes to show a sinister plan to remove historical artefacts/evidence and slowly adopt Abrahamic symbols into whatever ancient architecture remains. The grand plan is to replace historical Buddhist architecture and identify it with Abrahamic and change historical records completely because even the education system denies students their right to know what really took place in the past and students are shown a history that craftily denies and omits the crimes of the Abrahamic religions and their leaders upon Third World nations.

The example to elucidate the manner in which a subtle attempt is being made to hijack Buddhist architecture can be seen on the postage stamp issued by the Sri Lanka Post on 13 January 2015 to commemorate the visit of the Pope.

The stamp shows a Buddhist Dagoba with a Christian cross. Anyone not aware of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist past would think that the structure is Christian. The immediate defense would be to say we are jumping to conclusions making mountains out of molehills…read further to see if we ignored bringing these aspects to light what would eventually happen to the Vedic religions presently being targeted!

Moreover is there no one in the postal department that questioned why a Buddhist symbol should be projected alongside a Pope? The Dagoba has nothing to do with the Church or the Pope. Why has the Buddhist Sangha or Buddhist organizations not objected? The lack of objections inspires these mischief makers to continue to obliterate history and with time people will begin to accept Buddhist architecture as equivalent to Christian/Catholicism (which is what the ultimate objective is) Otherwise why should Christian Sunday Schools be also referred to as Dhamma (Both Christians and Islam are using this word) The immediate defence when questioned is to say that it is on the gesture of peaceful coexistence and the much battered word ‘reconciliation’!

What is obviously happening is what the Portuguese, Dutch, the British and the Church could not do directly they are getting the local traitors to agree to do – the examples of what is taking place in East Timor, South Korea and even India suffices for the need to oppose and point out the wrongs taking place.

Church uses the process of inculturation with an aim to adopt Vedic (Buddhist & Hindu) cultural practices to confuse, corrupt and change the minds of the gullible masses.

Some examples :
Singapore Hindus object to Hijacking of Pongal by Christians (2004) – Hindu Press International states “The adoption of Pongal by the Christians is part of their tactic of “inculturation,” including various aspects of the local religion in the hopes of getting Christianity to appear less foreign”
2006 article titled ‘Christians trying to hijack Yoga’.
Missionaries trying to hijack Bharatanatyam – Fr Saju George Moolamthuvuthil, a Jesuit priest’s mission was fuse Hindu dance Bharatanatyam with ABRAHMIC RELIGION of crusaders and inquisition
Pagan Festivals stolen by Christians
Christian missionaries target every single component of Hindu society http://www.hindujagruti.org/news/36329.html
Just like some Buddhist priests have been bought over in India some Hindu sadhus started ‘Christian Brahmin Seva Samiti’ to distort Hindu scriptures to advance Christianity and now runs Agni Ministry which converts people under the guise of education & health.
DMK government inaugurated a government sponsored festival named “Sangamam” conceived by a Christian NGO by name Tamil Maiyam founded by Father Jegath Gaspar Raj (main link to LTTE) and Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi. http://www.asiantribune.com/index.php?q=node/4959
Evangelists like Sadhu Chellappa are Christianising festivals like Deepavali
evangelists masquerade as “Sadhus and Sanyasis”,
Roman Catholic Church came out with a ‘New Community Bible’ christened as the “Indian Bible,” which included sacred verses from the Ithihasas, Gita, Vedas and Upanishads. This Bible depicted Virgin Mary barefoot, wearing a sari and sporting a bindi on her forehead, a naked baby Jesus on one shoulder, standing beside Joseph clad in loincloth and turban. It was released in June 2008. It was approved by the Catholic Bishops Conference of India and the Vatican blessed the initiative that was conceived in the 1980s.
Church has started setting up Hindu “type” of buildings and calling them as ‘Ashrams’ controlled by ‘Saffron robed’ Padres, projecting themselves as ‘Swamijis’.
Hindu style of architecture, construction, layout and interior designs are being followed. The buildings also have the Sanskrit ‘Om’ symbol in front of them and the saffronised Padres claim that Om is not Hindu, but Vedic!
Christian missionary schools have been found guilty of attempting to denigrate Buddhism – a playschool had presented two boxes for the children to open. The first box with a photo of Jesus was full of sweets. The second box had only a photo of Buddha – the message conveyed to these childrens minds was that Christianity had sweet things to offer, Buddhism had nothing.
Church has adopted every Hindu practice and the only thing left is the replacement of ‘Hindu Murthis’ with Jesus and Mary statues, which is most likely to happen anytime if this inculturation continues
Some Churches also sculpture the statues of Jesus in ‘meditating’ posture, Jesus sitting cross-legged on a lotus with ‘Abaya Hastha Mudra’,

An Indian commentator writes “Every Hindu symbol and every Hindu practice is being Christianised with an evil motive of de-Hinduising this society and the nation. This is creating havoc in the psyche of the Hindu majority provoking it beyond the limits of tolerance. Obviously the generic Church is scoring brownie points over the privilege of “propagation” given to the minorities in the Constitution.”

Swords have been replaced by a more sophisticated conquest and force is used only when victory is assured. India needs to be scared of not China’s pearls but the Christian pearls slowly surrounding it. If we blame Christian oriented Sinhala leaders India will no doubt join in to rebuke Nehru’s condemnation for Hinduism. If India’s Congress is under Christian agents the same can be said of UNP tied to the International Democratic Union of which Ranil W is the head of Asia.
The West exercises huge influence over both India & Sri Lanka through Christian missionaries and Christian NGOs who work as their agents. India recently packed off close to 5000 NGOs most of which were foreign-linked. Both India and Sri Lanka suffer from a Christianized English media and academia who decide and determine public discourse. Conversions have resulted in recent converts hostile to Hindus in India and Buddhists in Sri Lanka and brainwashed to be anti-national. Attempts to mislead census statistics has been made in India where converted Hindus are asked to register as Hindus to avert shock at the scale of conversions. We must wonder if the same tactic has been adopted in Sri Lanka. It is believed that next to the Indian government, the Churches are the biggest landowners in India! That is shocking news! Churches work hand in glove with foreign intelligence agencies and via NGO research organizations they build up the data to decide on how to change the demography.

How would you rate the British ambassador in Nepal declaring that Nepal would turn into a Christian country! Why Nepal of all countries! It is because the West wishes to create a Christian bastion on the Nepal-Tibet border, a step closer to China (Nepal is to be divided into 8 federal states too), just how Kosovo independence was to create a NATO military base, a step closer to Russia!

If India’s Hindus are claiming existential fears, Sri Lanka’s Sinhala Buddhist majority has every right to fear the same. It is not only the American & European Governments that are exerting pressures but they are using the Churches which they fund and control to exert pressure in indirect ways and use the people’s backing to ban conversions and bring penalties for engaging in proselytization.
We must wake up. We yearn for Buddhist leaders of the caliber of Prof. Gunapala Malalsekera & L H Mettananda. Just as the Buddhist Commission of Inquiry recorded the historical injustices in 1954 after probing the entire country and finally presented in 1956. The culmination of this and SWRD Bandaranaike embracing its proposals led to the Maha Sangha under banner of Eksath Bhikkshu Peramuna to back the Bandaranaike led MEP incorporating the slogan Pancha Maha Balavega (Sangha, Veda, Guru, Govi, Kamkaru) the election results left UNP with just eight seats. It was not the ‘Sinhala Only’ that the Buddhists sought but the rectification of historical injustices and the reversal of discriminations suffered by the Sinhalese Buddhists.

Can the Buddhist Organizations justify their existence if they cannot issue a single statement, objection against the incursions taking place to Buddhism.

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